Success Stories



A large international player in the media industry was faced with a lack of cooperation on the part of regulatory bodies. It needed expert advice and an action plan in order to maintain and develop its presence on the market. The experts from STATE SOLUTIONS were quick to establish all the facts and offer the customer several possible options. By choosing one of them, the customer was able to restore a constructive dialogue with the regulator and continue its operations in the region.

Case Study 2

A large international pharmaceutical company needed a package of services to accompany the launch of a new product in the CIS market. The experts from STATE SOLUTIONS facilitated the dialogue with regulatory bodies; among other things, they helped the company to obtain the official approvals it needed. The product is now in great demand on the market.

Case Study 3

An international advertising agency network bought an outdoor advertising operator in one of the Russian regions. The customer needed assistance in its communications with the municipal authorities in order to develop the business. The experts from STATE SOLUTIONS promptly developed the action plan required by the customer and their input was important to the success of the negotiations. The regional segment of the advertising operator has been growing consistently.

Case Study 4

A large international telecommunications company required a case study and a development forecast in view of the appointment of new senior officials in the regulatory bodies. STATE SOLUTIONS prepared a report to this effect, which left the customer completely satisfied. The company is developing successfully in the segment.

Case Study 5

A large international industrial holding was interested in importing energy sources from Russia. It required information on possible dedicated partnership schemes between the government and the private sector. The experts from STATE SOLUTIONS provided exhaustive data and recommendations. At present, the customer is assessing the financial and economic advantages of one of the suggested options.


A European investment company has acquired a minority stake in one of Russian gold producing companies. The new majority shareholder was a large Russian Financial and Industrial Group, which gradually siphoned off assets to a different company, causing the value of the foreign investor’s stake to drop. The European partners offered to buy back the stake or to exchange it for the shares of the new shareholder, but the Russian party declined and started a media campaign accusing the international minority shareholder of corporate raiding. The STATE SOLUTIONS experts analysed the situation and came up with a package of measures which allowed the European investor to bring the situation to the attention of the Federal executive authorities and the business community, and to strengthen its own position in the dispute. As a result of these measures, the Russian FIG decided to settle on compensation and a buyback of the minority stake.


A major construction company was interested in expanding its business in one of the Russian regions. When it encountered resistance on the part of the local authorities, it found out that some civil servants were protecting the interests of local businesses by suppressing any potential competitors. To ensure the success of this project, STATE SOLUTIONS managed to win round the initially hostile regional administration, to ensure that the principle of equal opportunities was not jeopardised and to make the construction sector in the region more transparent and competitive. To achieve this outcome, STATE SOLUTIONS organised a media campaign, staged negotiations with representatives of the Federal executive authorities and the office of the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation, and helped to facilitate a constructive dialogue with the regional authorities.


In one of the Russian regions, a major Federal investment corporation, backed up by administrative support, set out to oust the local agricultural companies from the market by means of aggressive buying-up of land shares. STATE SOLUTIONS engaged the help of its legal partners to develop and launch a campaign aimed at protecting the interests of the local businesses, which involved legal proceedings, protest demonstrations, and flagging up the issue with Federal and regional authorities. Faced with a negative PR campaign, the “aggressive investor” was forced to retreat.


The largest Russian company in the field of housing and public utilities management needed to expand its market in some regions of Siberia and the Far East. Client needed to take into account the specifics of the financial flows and other communications infrastructure in these regions. STATE SOLUTIONS specialists promptly developed a road map for these regions, proposed adjustments to the regulatory framework of these regions, as well as provided business and GR support of the client in expanding its market in Siberia and the Far East.


One of the financial holding companies engaged in the IPO for medium sized companies in north-west Russia needed to expand its market to the central region. The report, prepared by experts of STATE SOLUTIONS enabled the client to develop mechanisms for access to the central regions of Russia, find companies, as well as to identify the most promising industries and markets of the central region. It as well allowed the client to expand its business from the north-west towards the central region.


A large company wanted to enter the new market of solid waste recycling. STATE SOLUTIONS experts prepared a report, developed possible new financial flows in the sector and accompanied the company’s new market entry.